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Dr. K …”The Pusher”  Well known for her tenacity to push others to be their greatest self, Dr Kenesia Mouton, also known as ‘The Pusher’ believes if “she can change the way you think, you can change the way you live”.  She provides general support and productive feedback to help you the client/mentee effectively address life’s challenges and roadblocks. She also integrates coaching techniques and helpful assignments to challenge you personally to guide you into discovering the specific needs significant to you living a life of success. As her client/mentee she will help you to build on your strengths and achieve the personal growth you are looking for to help fulfill the purpose inside of you!  She’ll Push You Into Position!

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About Dr. K The Pusher

Dr. Kenesia Mouton is the founder of Powered 4 Purpose Life Skills and Enhancement Coaching. She is a modern day business woman on the move, taking the negative forces of life, shedding true light and understanding everywhere she goes.


Her ‘matter of fact’ candid attitude is a strong attribute to her being a Certified Master Power Coach & Life Educator , holding a Doctorate in Theology & Christian Counseling and a sought after  Motivational Power Speaker. She is the proud wife and business partner of Jeff Mouton in which “Mouton Movement” serves as the umbrella for her businesses.  


Dr. K serves as a mentor/coach to both men and women, helping to cultivate the unraveled areas of their lives and bring a solid foundation for their rebuilding process. Dr. K teaches with gratitude and honor. 

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